September 1, 2016


About Me

I am, Michelle Douglas. A surfer based near Cape Town, South Africa. Since beginning to surf in 2004,
I’ve constantly searched for new ways of expressing my love for the ocean and realised my desire to
communicate this love could be achieved through my love for painting. I attended Mactrain Multimedia
College to study Graphic Design in 2000 but it was only later in October 2010, having worked
commercially between 2008 and 2013 as a graphic designer after creating my own company called
Creative Engraving, that I decided to learn to paint. I have since completed several privately
commissioned artworks as well as having also sold through galleries and privately from my studio. I draw
my inspiration from my own photography and surfing experiences. My pursuit is to portray the roaring
ocean with it’s moods, movement and colour. I enjoy painting with oil paints, acrylics and mixed media

Please feel free to contact me for Commissions and Prints.